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How a little blue pill changed my life

by Randy Mathews from Sidamax-Online

by Randy Mathews from Sildamax-Online

Hi, my name is Randy Mathews a retired accountant from Leeds, United Kingdom, and this is my story on how a Little Blue Pill Changed my life.

In June 2008, I was involved in a car accident where I injured my lower back. It would take a few months for me to fully recover (or so I thought at the time!).

It wasn’t until my wife and I were away on holiday that I found out that I had a problem. We both knew what the reason was but I simply could not make love.  I was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction that age old male problem. Obviously when I got back I made an appointment with my doctor.

My doctor said because I had sustained a spinal injury and my body had suffered such a traumatic experience this was the reason for my loss of libido. He assured me that it was only temporary and prescribed me with a course of Viagra™. Every body has heard of that and I knew it as the “Little Blue Sex Pill”.

I received a prescription for four Viagra™ tablets which I dutifully picked up from my local pharmacy. I was a little embarrassed at handing over the prescription, but I didn’t receive any funny looks or comments as I thought I would. I handed over my cash and received my Viagra™, which didn’t even come in a plain brown paper bag (it was white with the pharmacy’s name all over it).

The Little Blue Sex Pill and My Wife

My Wife knew I was seeing the doctor that day and lay in wait for my return with lots of questions. I told her it was only a temporary problem and put the bag I had got from the pharmacy down on the table in front of her.

She opened the bag very gingerly and the look in her eyes went from very sceptical to a look of elation and said: “better cancel that appointment with the divorce lawyer”. (Yes, my Wife is quite the character).

Janet MathewsThat night was unbelievable! I hadn’t felt that way or had that much stamina since I was 19. This was Friday night and by Monday morning I had used all 4 tablets. I went to work and when I got back home that evening.  My Wife said to me “I’ve made another appointment with the doctor”.

Several years later and a long story short, I eventually started doing some online research on Viagra™ . I found out that the active ingredient of this drug was Sildenafil Citrate, this was the ingredient that made things go from zero to one hundred in seconds.

With further research, I also found that Sildenafil Citrate was no longer under a Patent. Accordingly many companies across the world were producing a derivative of Viagra™.


The most popular one found was a Viagra™ alterative called Sildamax, which was only as 100mg tablets (Viagra was available in 25mg)

With further research for the drug online I found dozens of online companies selling Sildamax, which all seemed to be run by a bunch of cowboys and wide boys. Also, many of the sites shared the same contact details. I  noted that their Trust Pilot reviews were not very positive.

Problems Encountered buying Sildamax

The problem that I encountered was that I could not find a reliable supplier. Sometimes I would order from a site and would receive my order the next working day. But and its a big but as at other times I would be waiting for months trying to contact the companies to see where my orders were. With many suppliers not responding to calls and emails.  This became very frustrating trying to find a reliable source. It seemed that the top sites on the first page of Google and Bing were not the best ambassadors for the Little Blue Sex Pill.

Solution for Buying Sildamax with Next Day Delivery

I decided with the help of some friends to carry out some detailed research on suppliers of the drug. With the intention to set up my own supply line. This proved to be very time-consuming with travelling back and forth to different suppliers and also considerably expensive. Yet I felt this venture may be worth it.

Myself, alongside with some friends who had import licences (some of which have tried the product themselves), got together over a pint and Sildamax Online was formed.

We sincerely hope that if you are having troubles in this area and are reading this you will benefit from our services at Sildamax Online.

Sildamax Next Day Delivery

Weather conditions permitting we aim to get your genuine Sildamax order sent out to you for next day delivery.

Usually your order is sent out on the same day you place your order if this is paid for before 3 pm.

So you should receive your Sildamax Next Day.

All orders are sent first class registered post and we send you the tracking number. This way you can track the delivery of your genuine sildamax order.

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